Reading Literacy

Reading Literacy

Reading and Literacy skills are vital for the ability to function, contribute and develop in today’s society. The acquisition of these skills are relatively easy for some children, however, there is a significant proportion of learners who experience difficulty with reading process. This project discuss about the development of reading skill and its practical implementation in school level (KG to Grade XII). This project has two parts; Lead to Read and Read to Lead and three stages. DEAR, LAS-Pro-CAH-SASL, READ Learning to read is a complex process. Lead to read is the first part in which we use “Whole Language “approach. In this stage consideration will be given to the aspects of phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and comprehension that contribute to successful reading interventions. Second part is read to lead. It is an advanced level of reading which helps the children to lead today’s society.


Reading Literacy doesn’t mean that reading a text; instead it includes listening, comprehending, interpreting and creating. Second part of the project Read to Lead includes the development of interpreting and creating skill through critical appreciation.



UAE government has given more importance Education.2016 was celebrated as the year of reading. 2018, Year of Zayed also focus on develop reading skill inchildren. One of the eight pillars of UAE national agenda 2021 is First Rate Educationsystem. Furthermore Nationalagenda aims to enable the UAE students rank among the best in the world inreading,mathematics and scienceexams. In respect to the nation and its national agenda it is the duty of each and every school in UAE to ensure reading literacy of children as they are the future promises.


Reading has a key role in the academic development of the children. There are different types of reading to gain knowledge. Through reading they can comprehend, analyze, interpret and create knowledge. The main aim of education is to gain knowledge and wisdom which can be easily acquired through reading. Keeping this in mind Gulf Model School has initiated many activities all around the school to develop reading literacy and inculcate reading habits among learners.


“Read at every wait;

Read at all hours;

Read with in leisure;

Read as one goes in;

Read as one goes out;


The task of the educated mind is simply put DEAR TO READ
Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles W. Elio


Parent's Testimonials

  • I would like to thank all the teachers and the management who took the initiative of distance learning and to those working hard towards it. Online classes provide new experience to the studentsand also to overcome the pandemic. Students are able to interact with the teacher and friends and they feel like sitting in the class itself. Once again thank you GMS for giving the students a wonderful oppurtunity and experience.

    Thajuniza Jaffar (Rayan Jaffar 2B)

  • Distance learning is helpful as my kid is still can learn even during the epidemic situation.Great peace of mind as no travel and no exposure with outside. I am so happy to have miss Juhy Grace as his class teacher she is very helpful for me to clear my doubts regarding subjects.she is very motivative appreciating and giving equal importance to each and everyone in the class.

    Anju Sakhil (Aadhish A S, Grade 1 F)

  • During the current situation of lockdown , distance learning is the most convenient and safe source of learning for kids. We find that distance learning is also cost effective. I believe that distance learning have improved my daughters confidence level
    It was a very good thought that the School brought the idea of distance learning.The teachers are very helpful and cooperative.

    Aswathy Madanarajan (Shivani Liju Nair , V F)

  • We are here to Thank you for your effort, patience , time and doing best to our children.
    “We are enjoying distance learning. E learning is a sudden change but it’s
    happening in the most effective way in GMS .We want to thank our dear
    teachers who are working so hard to make this happen. 
    Children’s are active and have an interest to be there always.
    Main advantage of E-learning is flexibility in Learning.
    It’s distant learning but gives the feeling of a real classroom. My son enjoying it .

    Sana Hanas ( Muhammed Hanan 3-F)